Javelina Poop Candy

Living in the Southwest often leads to hearing a barrage of myths and receiving quirky knickknacks from well-meaning friends. Our homes become adorned with cowboy boot-shaped spoon rests, salt and pepper shakers resembling cowboy boots and hats, and cactus-themed dish towels. Coyote-themed items and creepy kokopelli figures also find their way into our lives.

But it’s time to change the situation.

Introducing a taste of the real Southwest with Arizona Gecko Poop and Arizona Javelina Droppings. Yes, these are actual products on the market, part of an impressive lineup from The Huckleberry People.

It’s quite amusing that a company from Montana thought of creating Arizona Gecko Poop. They even offer poop from various states, including Montana deer, elk, and bear poop. They even sell “Iowa Pig Poop” and a mysterious bat guano. Now, before you turn away in disgust, rest assured that these boxes and bags contain delicious chocolate-covered candies or candies in the shape of animals or plants. The Huckleberry People certainly have a unique sense of style.

Prickly Pear Jalapeno Cacti, Cactus Candy

We can take this opportunity to address some common myths about the Southwest. When people hear you live in this region, they often assume:

It’s Always Hot in The Southwest

This week’s 40-degree morning temperatures should dispel that notion, not to mention the snow that surprised Tucson in 2007. We advise you not to give away your fur coats when moving from the eastern and northern states. But, indeed, this area delights with sunny days, then such strange, for some, plants as prickly pear cactus grow here.

Prickly Pear Cactus Candy

The Southwest is Full of Cowboys

In my time living in New Mexico and Arizona, I’ve only met one person who introduced themselves as a cowboy. He was a 22-year-old at a rodeo in Payson, AZ, who nonchalantly exclaimed, “I bet you’ve never talked to a cowboy before,” while spitting chew juice near his boot.

The Southwest is Sandy and Barren

Yes, there are vast expanses of sand, but the desert is more than that. It’s a vibrant ecosystem with diverse shrubs, brush, and peculiar growths. And let’s not forget about the abundant wildlife. Tumbleweeds even make fantastic art projects.

Cactus Blooms

In the Southwest, Gunfights are Common

Well, this one has some truth to it. However, the gunfights aren’t the dramatic duels at the O.K. Corral; they’re often mundane and usually related to gang activity.

So forget the myths and indulge in Southwest delicacies. Gift your loved ones with Prickly Pear Jalapeno Cacti or Real Scorpion Suckers, accompanied by an informative note clearing up any misconceptions they may have.

Southwest Sweets Made in Arizona

The Southwest is a fascinating and diverse region with much more to offer than stereotypes suggest.