Real Scorpion Suckers

For over 30 years, Hotlix Candy in Pismo Beach has been a go-to destination for sweet treats. But what sets this candy shop apart? Well, it’s the bugs!

When Larry Peterman took over the store from the original owner, he wanted to make Hotlix stand out. Inspired by a joke from one of his employees, they decided to create tequila suckers with worms inside. And that’s how it all began.

How Popular are Hotlix Candies?

Today, Hotlix candies can be found all over the world, with customers in Great Britain, Australia, and even Sweden enjoying their unique creations. Each sucker or chocolate-covered candy contains a surprise: a mealworm, cricket, scorpion, or earthworm. While some people eat them for real, most see them as a fun gag gift.

Genuine Scorpion Suckers

Even unsuspecting customers end up enjoying these treats. Noah Hernandez, who tried a chocolate-covered cricket without knowing it at first, compared it to a Crunch bar and admitted it was surprisingly good.

Where Can You Buy Hotlix Candy?

Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic happening. Hotlix Candy still operates in its original location at 179 Pomeroy Ave, Pismo Beach, CA 93449-2639, and you can witness the production process firsthand. In addition, the store has a website ( on which the full assortment of Hotlix candies is presented.

Hotlix Original Insect Candy

Get ready for an adventure in taste with Hotlix Candy and discover the deliciously unexpected.